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What are major works?

Homeowner Queries

1. What are major redecoration works?

‘Major works’ is the term we use to describe large-scale or substantial building projects that we carry out to keep your development looking good and working correctly and we undertake it as part of your ongoing maintenance programme. These projects are planned in advance and include things like maintaining:

  • The main structure of the building. For example, looking after the roof and external walls.
  • Upgrading items within the building. For example, replacing lifts and upgrading fire alarms.
  • The decoration of the building. For example, painting the communal areas and protecting the outside of the building.
  • The building’s systems. For example, maintaining the lifts.

Occasionally, major work also includes emergency work that cannot be planned for, such as repairing a major roof leak.

2. Why isn't this work covered by the management fee?

The Management Agreement sets out the duties that we carry out for the agreed Management Fee. This annual fee covers the work required for normal residential property maintenance. Major works, such as large internal redecorations or external refurbishment works are considered extra-ordinary work. This is because running a major works project is a specialist operation and requires qualified personnel – normally that of a qualified Building Surveyor. Whilst our Property Managers will know your building well and have lots of technical knowledge, the role does not require them to be a qualified surveyor. This is standard practice across the industry.

Management Agreements vary but some include within the Management Fee, the appointment of a surveyor and liaison with them and contractors throughout a major works process.

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