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Our Customer Charter was created in 2012 to put customers at the heart of our business. The Charter identified five key service promises that we aspire to deliver consistently, across all of our businesses, based on what our customers said were most important to them. Our charter promises are:

  • We will give you excellent customer service
  • We will be open and transparent
  • We will demonstrate value for money
  • We will be easy to deal with
  • We will consult with you

These Customer Charter promises are now fully embedded into the way we do business, including our HR policies and processes. They also fully complement our new FirstPort values that we use to guide all of our work.
We remain fully committed to continually improving the consistency and quality of our customer service based on what our customers tell us and as set out in our new values.

Communicating with You
A key part of achieving our Customer Charter commitments is through improving the way we communicate. As well as working with our staff to deliver this, we believe that the greatest success will come from working with and listening to you. In doing so, we expect that our staff are treated with respect in the roles they perform.

It’s a two-way street: our Communicating with You document sets out what you can expect from us – and what we expect from you in return.

Our Values